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Infiray Iray Saim SCP19 Series Thermal Imaging Sight

Infiray Iray Saim SCP19 Series Thermal Imaging Sight
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Experience the full power of thermal imaging technology with the new IRAY Saim SCP19 thermal imaging sight. In addition to being one of the most affordable riflescopes on the market, this scope has a number of advantages over digital-generation night vision scopes. The main feature of the thermal sight is to see any warm-blooded body, regardless of the lighting level.

The IRAY Saim SCP19 thermal imager is equipped with the latest development of the best laboratories in the world - a thermal matrix with a pixel pitch of 12 microns. Despite its modest resolution (256x192), this matrix has excellent details and scalability. True, it is worth remembering that when increasing at high magnifications, the quality of images tends to fall. But often a two-digit magnification is sufficient for accurate shooting.


Full colour display with a resolution of 1280x960 pixels
Digital zoom in 1-2X
4 colour palettes to choose from
4 types of reticle
4 reticle colours
4 zeroing profiles
Video output
Ability to work from an external power source (5V)
Long working time
Light weight and easy installation

Thermal imaging sight INFIRAY (IRAY) Saim SCP19 characteristics
Matrix resolution 256x192 - 12 microns
Nucleus uncooled VOx (vanadium oxide), 12um
Frequency 25 Hz
Display 1280x960 LCOS
Lens F19 / 1.0
Magnification 2.3x - 4.6x
Line of sight 9.2x6.9
Removal of the exit pupil 40 mm
Focus area from 5 m
Human detection range 1000 m
Diopter adjustment - 6 ... + 4
Micro USB Type-C
Use on weapons
Correction input range ≥ 15mil
Impact resistance 6000 J
Sight type 4/4 types and colours
IP rating IP67
Autonomous work 4 h
Battery Type 2xCR123A
Dimensions 180x60x60 mm
Weight 400 gram
Temperature regime -20 to +40 degrees C


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