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Gamo Maxim Elite Swarm Multishot IGT Wood

Gamo Maxim Elite Swarm Multishot IGT Wood
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Gamo Maxim Elite Swarm Multishot Inert Gas Technology Wood 
Gamo`s Fast Shot 10x IGT combines the sobriety and sophistication of a classic wooden air carbine with the brand`s latest technological innovations. This modern classic includes a high precision 3-9X40 scope and features the following technologies:

10x Quick-Shot: This exclusive technology relies on a multi-shot rotary magazine which allows the shooter to blast up to 10 shots without touching a single pellet, improving the user`s autonomy, reducing reload timings and providing a more dynamic, agile and satisfying experience.

Gamo`s Inert Gas Technology: (IGT) replaces the traditional main spring by a last generation pneumatic cylinder, improving its terminal velocity, providing a more consistent power level, reducing cocking efforts and lessening undesired vibrations.

Gamo`s Custom Action Trigger: (CAT) allows the shooter to adjust the 1st and 2nd stage of the trigger independently, providing a completely adjustable shooting.

Gamo`s Recoil Reduction Rail: (RRR) system absorbs the shockwaves generated by the recoil of high-powered airguns reducing the scope`s internal stresses up to a 100%.

Power: 16J
Length: 109 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Complete with Scope, Bag, Pellets and 1 Mag.
.177 or .22 Available


You may order this gun on-line but due to the VCR act we are not permitted to ship directly to you, we can however ship to a registered firearms dealer of your choice but they may well charge you for this service.

Once we receive your order we will contact you to for you to arrange which registered firearms dealer you would like the gun to be shipped to.

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Average Rating 5


Fantastic mulishot springer

Lightweight, accurate and no more problem pellets with cold fingers. An absolute joy to use.

Jason Simpkin, Rated: 5

Gamo maxxim elite

I saw this rifle at the Harrogate shooting show. My friend and I liked it so much we bought one each on the day.
I have owned it now for a couple of months and have fired a few thousand pellets through it.
I did change the scope as I didn't get on with gamo supplied one.
I can hit targets at 25m with an assured accuracy. The recoil is quite aggressive but if correctly handled the rifle is superb. Rabbits and other vermin can be dispatched easily at 25m and have hit still further.
The best part though is the multi shot. The rifle comes with two 10 shot magazines that are easy to fill and easy to use. Once filled just pop in the rifle,cock weapon and you are ready to go. Fire a shot recock and fire again.
I have two other rifles an under lever and a PCP. I goto this rifle over the others.
Its fun, requires good concentration, rewards this with great accuracy for a springer.
My wife and children prefer this rifle over the "boring" air arms PCP.
Don't get me wrong the air arms hits what you aim at every time. But no challenge no reward. The gamo gives plenty and costs a fraction of a PCP.
If you want a springer for back yard fun and a little hunting you can't go far wrong with one of these.

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