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Order Processing Policy

G & T Hunting and Outdoor Order Processing Policy
Before submitting an order we recommend that you read and understand these policies. When you submit an order you are entering into a contract with G & T Hunting and Outdoor and you may be bound by the terms described herein.
Next Working Day Delivery

Online orders requesting Next Working Day Delivery must be placed before 7am on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday to be guaranteed next working day. 
Orders placed on Friday for next working day delivery, will be delivered on Monday.
Orders placed on Saturday for next working day delivery will be delivered on Tuesday, as the order will be collected by the courier on Monday for next day delivery.
Orders placed on Sunday for next working day delivery will be delivered on Tuesday, as the order will be processed and despatched when we are open on Monday for next day delivery.

Please Note:

In order to prevent credit card fraud, we can only send online orders paid by a credit/debit card to the name and address to which the card is registered. As a matter of course, every credit card transaction is verified to check the card details are registered to the name and address supplied.
Please only supply us with the registered name and address for the credit card being used - this will be your address as it appears on your credit card/bank statement.
This address check service costs us £1.50. Therefore, if the address check we run concludes that the name or address supplied are completely different, we will have to charge £1.50 per subsequent address check to verify your details.
We understand that there are sometimes slight discrepancies in postal addresses, and if there is a small difference in your address details, then you will not be charged for a further address check.
Finally, if you would like your order to be delivered to your work address and you can supply us with a faxed company letterhead with your request and signature, then we can deliver to your work address. Please complete your order with your registered cardholder name and address, then email to notify us about your delivery requirements and send your letterhead fax to: 01754 873451.
Please supply us with a daytime telephone number so that we can confirm your request.

G & T Hunting and Outdoor Procedure For Transactions Not Authorised

If the payment details supplied do not authorise, we will attempt to contact you by telephone or email in the first instance. We will log the details of contact or attempted contact. If we cannot contact you by telephone or email, we will send written notification to the address supplied.
Please note that if the expiry date or CVC security number is supplied incorrectly, the transaction will not authorise and the order will be delayed.
For this reason, we do not repeatedly attempt to gain authorisation for a transaction. We will wait for the customer to contact us.

Cheque Payments

If you send a cheque to pay for your order, please allow approximately 7 working days from the day we receive the cheque. Please note that the funds being taken from your bank account does not mean they have been cleared into our account.