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Bench Rests and Bags

Bench Rests and Bags
Bench Rests and Bags
There are various rifle bench rests on the market and G&T Hunting and Outdoor stock several major brands including Deben, Highland Outdoors, MTM and Caldwell etc.
The Deben and Highland Outdoors range offer a steel, fully adjustable bench rest providing means to rest a rifle for cleaning, maintenance and shooting applications, for example sighting in a new or old scope.
They feature fully adjustable legs, support rods and the rear is vertically adjustable for change in elevation.
Other makes come in a plastic-nylon compound, again very sturdy but not as many features as the metal rests.
Ideal for general maintenance, attaching accessories and scopes, zeroing scopes - lasers and steady shooting.

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The asymmetric frame provides great stability while maximizing length adjustability
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The rest is non-adjustable and is hollow in design to make it lightweight.
Our Price: £14.99