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3 Litre 300 Bar Airgun Air Gun Rifle FILLING KIT Cylinder PCP Valve Gauge Hose NEW & Complete MDE Kit - BOTTLE, VALVE, GAUGE, HOSE & FOOT

3 Litre 300 Bar Airgun Air Gun Rifle FILLING KIT Cylinder PCP Valve Gauge Hose NEW & Complete MDE Kit - BOTTLE, VALVE, GAUGE, HOSE & FOOT
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Designed for 'quick fill' systems including the Air Arms, Falcon, Logun and Daystate, etc.

3 Litre 300 Bar size
(Laid down in photo)
- 5.5" diameter steel cylinder
- Complete with boot and a 5-year test gun valve

300 BAR Airgun Charging Cylinders. All MDE 300 Bar Airgun charging cylinders now come in a brand new hard hearing solid Black finish and are fitted with the MDE integral flow restriction device, 500mm Anti-Kink hose and come complete with a new "Low Profile" gauge. Also features a MDE Jubilee Gun Valve. 
Available in 3, 4, 7 or 12L, all cylinders are supplied with a 5-year test from date of manufacture.

Jubilee Gun Valve

Introducing the innovative ‘Jubilee Range’ 300 bar cylinder valve, dedicated to safe filling of pneumatic pre-charged airguns. MDE have long been a market leader in surface valves for SCUBA cylinders, extending the test life for Airgun enthusiasts to 5 years.

The new Jubilee design features an integrated gauge, improved bleed and a rubberised handwheel. On the inlet MDE have also incorporated a patented device which automatically restricts the flow rate into the airgun, even if the valve is fully opened, allowing for a slower, safer fill.

The ‘Jubilee Range’ gun valve is uniquely certificated for CE together with Pi mark impact test (EN ISO 10297:2006).

The 5-Year Test Explained

According to British Standards, diving cylinders require testing every 2½ years from date of manufacture, and surface-use cylinders (such as Airgun Charging Cylinders) once every 5 years. There are exceptions.

The simplest method to determine a cylinder’s use is to examine the valve fitted. If the valve has surface-use features like our Jubilee Gun Valve with bleed and dry gauge, you’re awarded a 5-year test. However, if the valve can be used for diving – irrespective of whether you dive or not – the test station will treat this as a diving cylinder and award a 2½ year test.
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