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WINTER SPECIAL - Second Hand Webley Osprey Target Rifle .177 - Boxed

WINTER SPECIAL - Second Hand Webley Osprey Target Rifle .177 - Boxed
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Webley Osprey .177 Target Rifle

Webley & Scott is a long-established gun manufacturer but one airgun stands out from the others produced by the company and that is the Osprey.

Following the theme of naming their guns after birds of prey, the side lever "tap loading" Osprey was introduced in 1975.

The barrel is 18.5in long, fixed into the receiver, and is instantly noticeable by its over-sized diameter.

The side-lever itself is located to the right side and is slender with a small button on the top. When the button is depressed, the side-lever swings out and ratchets down until the trigger is engaged. The ratchet is there to prevent the fingers from getting trapped during cocking.
The safety catch is manual, so the shooter can choose whether or not to use it.

Being a side-lever it has no cut-out underneath as found in a break-barrel design thus it feels very solid.
The beech wood is stained dark to mimic walnut and has no chequering. 

Comes complete with a rare Anschutz diopter scope with several different sights.
Very nice condition with original box


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