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Remington Free Standing Folding Silhouette Knockdown Crow Target

Remington Free Standing Folding Silhouette Knockdown Crow Target
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Remington knockdown target
Crow silhouette
Pull string to reset
Adjustable kill zone (from 1.5" to 0.5")
Two kill-zone reducers permanently attached to back of target
1/8" heavy-gauge steel
Flat base has holes for 4 anchor pins (included) to keep the target from shifting when shot
Silhouette target is finished in black with yellow kill zone
Use only .177- or .22-caliber lead pellets
For .177-cal. lead pellets, max velocity is 1,000 fps and place target at least 25 yards from muzzle
For .22-cal. lead pellets, max velocity is 800 fps and place target at least 35 yards from muzzle

Includes target with attached kill-zone reducers, reset string and 4 anchor pins

Field target is a fast-growing airgun sport, and this Remington Crow target is a welcome addition. When setting up your target, make sure you have a proper backstop to stop any pellets that miss the target. If the target is hit outside the kill zone, the target face will not fall back. It'll fall only when you hit the kill zone. If a pellet splits on the edge of the kill zone (not uncommon), it may not have sufficient energy to knock it back. This is not a defect. It's deliberate and prevents near-misses from getting a point.
Because the target is metal, make sure everyone in the area wears safety glasses. Pellets can ricochet. Be sure to also remove all pets from the area to prevent injury from ricochets.
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