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Second Hand Pre-1940 FLZ Millitia Patent Smooth Bore .177 Air Rifle SN 137173

Second Hand Pre-1940 FLZ Millitia Patent Smooth Bore .177 Air Rifle SN 137173
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Second Hand Pre-1940 FLZ Millitia Patent Smooth Bore .177 Air Rifle. SN 137173
Friderich Langenham Zella Mehlis (FLZ) founded in 1842 by Valentin Friderich Langenhana in Zella Mehlis Germany.
 FLZ inscribed in three segment circle.
The original and other trademarks are ASA ACE Favorit and FL.
The company produced various models but the best known is the Militia and Militia Club series.
Their flagship model was the Orginal V.
 Most of their products were exported to England and sold through Martin & Co of London. They also produced MFG-Firma pistols but unfortunately could not compete with Diana - Haenel  and other companies producing similar weapons and closed in 1940.
The brands were purchased by Diana which is why in Great Britain Diana was able to use those names, mainly Original
This particular model is a .177 Smooth Bore Mallitia Underlever Air Rifle
It has 95% original working parts
Stock has a certain amount of damage
Shoots remarkably well for an 80 year old rifle
Approximately mid 1930`s
Serial No 137173

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